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What is the escalator (two)

2017/1/2 14:18:15

Introduce escalator yesterday some of the classification structure today will give you details about main parameter of the escalator.

Escalators can be divided into parameters the main parameters and structure parameters.Specifications parameter 1, speed: nominal speed and the nominal speed of 2 widths: cascade of lateral nominal size 3 lift height: escalator vertical distance between two floors at the entranceSecond, structure, parameter 1, tilt angle: cascade running direction of a horizontal plane, its maximum angle 2, Cascade level number: cascade out of the comb plate to the cascade began to rise and cascade into comb plate before the mobile number of cascade levels also known as horizontal distance 3 from top to bottom-end elevator guide rail radius of curvature: from inclined to horizontal sections of the radius of curvature.

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