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Knowledge of Elevator Guide Rail Bracket

2017/1/11 8:14:15

 Structure introduction On the guide rail bracket is used to support the elevator guide rail and truck, rail brackets are divided into two types: type a is the angle, welded directly on the truss, one sheet, through bolted to the truss structure.Second, surface treatmentAngle steel escalator truss-rail bracket for surface treatment and surface treatment of the same, but depending on the escalator use conditions and customer requirements and differentiated.

1, normal escalator

(1) angle-bracket escalator for General indoor painting; outdoor escalator hot-dip zinc-treated

(2) sheet metal-stent General indoor staircase directly using galvanized or electro-galvanized zinc layer thickness not less than 12um outdoor TI thermal spray or hot-dip galvanizing process, the thickness not less than 20um.

2, bus-type escalatorSteel or sheet metal stent, Interior ladder hot-dipped galvanized or galvanized outdoor staircase using hot-dip zinc coating is not less than 50um.

3, heavy duty ladderAngle steel type frame or sheet metal brackets are galvanized, and the coating is not less than 50um.Sheet metal bracket when using hot-dip galvanizing process, the material thickness should be not less than 4mm to prevent brittle after hot-galvanized.

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