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Daily inspection and maintenance of elevator guide rail

2016/12/6 15:00:47

In daily life, a lot of things for a long time different aging problems, fridge time long time cooling problems can also occur, and elevator guide rails as well. Elevator guide rail as an important component in the elevator runs daily plays an irreplaceable role, then at work, how are we supposed to maintain elevator guide rails? Small series to introduce below!First of all, we should be regularly to check the use of the elevator parts, elevators regularly add lubricating oil automatic lubrication device. And then we are going to check the use of sliding guide shoes, check if there was a serious problem, if wear 1mm situation, will choose to replace elevator guide roller, to prevent sloshing in elevator operation. Secondly, every couple of months periodically add grease to the bearing and prevent problems. Finally is the maintenance unit annual inspection requirements for elevator guide rail connecting plate and fixed the lift carriage bolt.Above is the small series to introduce elevator guide rail inspection and maintenance, please according to the actual situation in check.

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