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The sales and manage department of Suzhou Mozitor Elevator Parts Co., Ltd’s three-day-trip to Huangshan

2015/7/24 11:02:02

On 26th June, 2015, Our boss organized a three-day-trip to Huangshan in order to build up our body and temper will. The members are our sales and manage department.

We gathered at 6.00 a.m. on 26th June. In the bus, our boss set up a wechat group to hand out red envelopes. This activity aroused our passion at once. After several rounds, we all get tired and have a deep sleep. At about 12 a.m., we arrived at the first stop--Tunxi, Anhui. Though it was raining in Zhangjiagang, now it’s sunny here. We go boating after lunch. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the river. What makes us more excited are some stimulating elements. It seems that go boating is very simple activity. It’s very difficult actually for the freshman. You need to control the direction of the boat to make it go straight. But it’s not a competition, you just have fun and find the importance of teamwork.The trip is relax and we have much fun for the first day. While all of us are scared about the second day’s item--Climb Huangshan.

The top of the mountain is 1864m. Before climbing, our boss Jet Wang teach us to do some exercises to relax our body.9 of us are charged by Jackie and others are charged by Jet Wang. Two teams gather on the White eling and then climb together to the Bright Summit Peak.To encourage the members who choose to climb the mountain, Mr. Jet prepared 3 red envelopes for the topp three.

At about 4 p.m., all of us reached the top of the mountain. There our boss organized us to dance like a rabbit. ”Reach the top and hold all mountains in a single glance.” How wonderful the scenery is! The last day of the trip we visited many famous sight spot. The aojiang fish peak, a thread of sky and the Greeting Pine.

As time goes by, we go back to Zhangjiagang soon. Though tired, it’s a very good oppotunity for our office workers to do exercises to build up our body and temper will. We are all looking forward to the next year’s travel to Mountain Tai! 

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