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The Development Of The Elevator Industry

2015/11/17 22:52:52

it is a necessity nowadays to benefit from elevator service in tall buildings becoming widespread in the modern cities. But the elevator waiting times of passengers determines the quality of elevator in tall buildings which have heavy traffic. For improving the quality, multi-cabinet elevator systems are installed. Both the service which multi-cabinet elevator systems installing in tall buildings offers should be enough and they should quickly work without waiting at level not to affect the lives of building-dwellers. The usage area of elevator systems quickly develops for rendering a better service to people in the acceptable borders. The elevator system turned to strengthened elevator group systems with complicated control systems in the present day by differentiating simple structure in the past. For this reason, the elevator systems are designed for meeting traffic states being always possible and should be designed with the modern control techniques as optimum waiting times that have certain flexibility for building demands.

Even though passenger transportation in tall buildings firstly comes to mind when elevator is said, there are many styles which are used in different fields such as freight elevator, service elevator and hospital emergency elevator. Elevators render to important services in many fields such as especially the construction sector and the freight shipment sector. Elevators render to service from the elevator system giving service in tall building to every floor of the building as soon as possible, reduce the movement time of people from one floor to another floor, reduce the waiting times of people in the floor for service and serve to many people as much as possible in a certain time. Elevators are known as electro mechanic system that has rather simple structure in appearance. Contrary to what is known these systems concern both machine and electric and architecture and construction engineering fields. In addition to these engineering groups, it is required to add electronic and computer engineering fields. These are highly complicated systems with this aspect. The elevator control system enables to move the cabin in downstream and upstream and being stopped the cabin in the floor which is wanted. “Low level elevator control system” commands to move and stop cabins by themselves and open and close the doors. For ensuring coordination between cabins, high level control us used,. These control systems work according to rules which are determined by individual and institutions. The change of passenger movement in the building is determined with traffic model. Although there are traffic models for different buildings, there are generalized models for certain building type.
These can be summarized as the following.
1.Up-traffic: all or big part of traffic from the main t\entrance to upward is active. It starts in the morning, the most crowded time and finishes by decreasing in lunchtime. It can similarly start in the end of lunchtime.
2.Down-traffic: Many passengers leave the elevator from the main entrance and there is a traffic flow. It is apparently shown in a short time ago from lunchtime and reaches a peak after working hours.
3.Tow-way traffic: the traffic flow is shown in certain floor and from the floor to other floors. This floor is generally the main entrance.
4.Four-way traffic: Dominant traffic flow is between two floors. One of these floors can be the main entrance.
5.Traffic between random floors: There are no perceived calls and detectable models and it can be shown during the day since people move between floors.

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