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Suzhou Mozitor Elevator Parts attend 'Hundred Regiments'


In order to promote the fighting capacity of the team, dig the potential of the staff and make the them grow up faster, the foreign trade department of our company attend the alibaba ‘Hundred Regiments’ in 2014. There are altogether more than 300people from 63 enterprises attending this event.
E-commerce will play a dominant role in the future market. The ‘Hundred Regiments’is a PK way to meet the development of the market. In the event, all companies are devided into red and blue enerprises. The PK role is: The finish rate of the target results is 40%, and the other 60% is the growth rate of the inquiry. Besides, they should show their memo and credit in the ‘Hundred Regiments’group. At last, the results is depend on the memo during these 60 days.
Our company (mozitor
elevator parts)is arranged as the fifth blue team to attend the activity. All the team members are in high spirits and make the slogan as ‘Fifth team Win! Win! Win! Kill! Kill! Kill!’. We also make a song as ‘The passion of the fifth team is a fire burning the whole desert. The second team is fear for the burning fire and stay away from us.’ We believe that we will probably promote the whole strength of our company and pour into new strength for the future.

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